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+ Who is ProSolar®?

ProSolar® is the registered trademark for Professional Solar Products. The roots of our company go back to 1977, making us one of the oldest solar manufacturing companies in the industry. ProSolar is the original patent holder of the TileTrac® and RoofTrac® "Top-Down" solar mounting system, which features our patented RoofTrac® rail clamping technology.

Our products provide the best value to the solar industry in terms of quality, price, and speed of delivery. Our products have been used by virtually all major installation companies and module manufacturers (Siemens, Shell, BP Solar, etc.) and our designs have provided trouble-free service to our customers since the first ProSolar® system was installed over 16 years ago. (back to top)

+ Why choose ProSolar®?

The ProSolar® RoofTrac® US Made system is the strongest, price leading system in the solar industry. All ProSolar® products are US made and constructed with tight material quality control standards, while still remaining inexpensive.

ProSolar® systems have been trouble-free for the life of the company. They are easy to install and part assembly is self-explanatory. Our simple, patented designs allow for easy and cost-efficient installations that have never once experienced a safety recall. Plus, our products’ efficient use of aluminum decreases customer material and labor costs, while still remaining aesthetically pleasing and maintaining UL 2703 standards for strength and electrical bonding. (back to top)

+ Who buys ProSolar®?

ProSolar® products are designed for the experienced, professional solar installer who is looking for a simple, high-quality, high-strength mounting system that is low cost and American-made. (back to top)

+ What are the benefits of using ProSolar®'s products?

Listed below are just a few benefits you'll experience when working with ProSolar®:

  • New mid-clamp bonding design (patent pending) has passed the UL required 5000 amp high-current test that all solar racking systems must pass by July 28th, 2016
  • RoofTrac® products fire tested to UL1703 standards for Type 1 and Type 2 Modules on steep-slope and low-slope roofs
  • RoofTrac® products are UL 2703 listed
  • American made: All aluminum products extruded in California and machined in our California facilities
  • Quick turnaround: Local manufacturing allows for industry's shortest delivery lead time
  • “C” channel rail design allows for high density shipping (lower freight costs) and efficient storage/install handling. The design also allows for cabling and wiring to be nested within the rail for convenient wire management.
  • Pre-assembled, UL2703 self-bonding mid-clamp assemblies
  • Module clamp design provides electrical bonding without concentrating stress (with pins, teeth, etc.) on module's tempered glass and underlying circuitry
  • Black rail finish offered at the same price as clear anodized
  • 5/16" stainless steel clamping hardware used in clamps to ensure higher strength and easy removal
  • Cordless impact gun friendly
  • Time-consuming anti-seize application not required

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Structural Attachments

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+ What styles of roof attachments does ProSolar® offer?

ProSolar® offers two patented lines of attachments, the FastJack® and the TileTrac®.

The FastJack® line includes our standard FastJack®, FastJack® E-Series, and Commercial FastJack® products. Its unique design provides full structural strength while only requiring a single installed lag bolt.

The TileTrac® attachment, with its included flashing and sub-flashings, is a cost-effective and simple solution for structural attachment to concrete tile roofs. It requires only one half-inch hole to be drilled through the concrete tile, allowing it to be installed in a fraction of the time and cost required of other attachment solutions. It is available for flat and s-curve tiles in 4” and 6” versions. (back to top)

+ What is the difference between FastJack® and FastJack® E-Series?

The standard FastJack® has a larger base and is available in heights of up to 7-1/2”. It is compatible with readily-available, standard galvanized roof flashings. The FastJack® E-Series line was made for high-volume installers and is compatible with ProSolar®’s all aluminum, powder-coated flashings. It has a smaller rounded base and is available in 2", 3", and 4-1/2” heights. Both FastJack® models come with self-drilling Spax® brand screws. (back to top)

+ Can I use TileTrac® with non-ProSolar® rail?

No, TileTrac® is UL2703 listed by Intertek when used with ProSolar® rail only. TileTrac® was specifically designed and engineered for use with ProSolar® rail as detailed here. (back to top)

Roof Mounting Systems

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+ What is RoofTrac®?

RoofTrac® is ProSolar®'s patented rail/clamping system. It can be used for RoofTrac® sloped roof mounted, GroundTrac® ground mounted, and SolarWedge® flat roof mounted systems. Prior to RoofTrac®, all solar modules were bolted from behind the module, making installation difficult and nearly impossible on a roof. ProSolar® created and patented the RoofTrac® "Top-Down" system in the U.S., allowing installers to clamp modules from the top, down to the RoofTrac® support rail. This revolutionary "Top-Down" is now the industry standard. (back to top)

+ What is the attachment span for ProSolar® rails?

1-1/2” rail: 4’ foot on center (45 psf UL 2703 load tested)

2-1/2" rail: 6’ foot on center (45 psf UL 2703 load tested)

3" rail: 8’ on center in SolarWedge® applications (30 psf load tested)(back to top)

+ Can I span 8 foot on center for residential applications?

No; ProSolar® does not recommend 8 foot spans on residential structures as most residential structures are not designed for the resulting higher point loads. (back to top)

+ What is the cantilever for ProSolar® rails?

The cantilever should be limited to approximately 20" for all RoofTrac® rails. (back to top)

+ How many continuous rails can be spliced?

We recommend 3 continuous rails to minimize the chance of issues arising from thermal expansion/contraction. Actual maximum is dependent upon regional temperature variation. Greater diurnal temperature variation (DTV) changes will limit the number of continuous rails that may be spliced. One expansion splice and ground bonding jumper available for use in high DTV locations. (back to top)

+ What is the difference between SolarWedge® and SolarWedge® XD?

SolarWedge® and SolarWedge® XD utilize the same attachment, however their rail and rail spans differ. SolarWedge® is based on the 2-1/2" tall RoofTrac® support rail and spans 6 foot on center. SolarWedge® XD is based on the 3" tall RoofTrac® support rail and spans 8 foot on center. (back to top)


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+ Why use GroundTrac®

GroundTrac® is a low-cost, high-strength, and easy-to-install system. It is constructed of readily available and low-cost 1-1/2" schedule 40 galvanized water pipe and does not require cross-bracing.

+ Which applications are supported by the GroundTrac® System?

The GroundTrac® system was designed for residential and light commercial ground mount applications with maximum heights of approximately 6 ft above grade. (back to top)

+ Which GroundTrac® configurations are available?

3 modules high (landscape orientation)
4 landscape modules high (landscape orientation)

ProSolar® does not recommend portrait orientation, as it would require use of more rail and u-bolt equipment, resulting in higher costs. Most module manufacturers recommend supporting modules along the length of the module frame.

+ What is the maximum allowable pipe height without cross-bracing?

Rear Pipe Support: 6 ft (5 ft of pipe plus 1 ft of concrete pier)
Front Pipe Support: 42 in (30 in of pipe plus 1 ft of concrete pier)
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+ Why is it important to torque the Hollaender® Pipe Tee set screws to 17ft-lbs?

Set screws need to be fastened to 17 ft-lbs in order to ensure a mechanical connection is created between the tee and the pipe, resulting in a 2,050lb uplift strength value. (back to top)